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Makes amazing Keto Churro Waffles!

🧇 🇪🇸 🧇🇲🇽🧇🇲🇽🧇🇲🇽

Serves 4

Truly delicious - quick & easy!

200gm shredded mozzarella
150gm Almond Meal  
2 egg
90ml Skinny Iced Cinnamon Roll Syrup 
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp baking powder

Simply mix together!
Makes 2 large waffles. 
In waffle iron cook few minutes to ensure holds together.
Then simply remove.
I sprinkle with a “sugar mixture” made up from cinnamon & erythritol to sprinkle ontop.

If want a decadent dessert- make up a chocolate dipping sauce - fresh cream & few berries 😎

Cut each waffle into 4 pieces … makes 8 small waffles. 
Per serve (2 pieces) 
Cals 408 Carbs 4.5gm  Prot 23.75gm  Fat 32.25gm

Skinny Iced Cinnamon Roll

GST Included
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