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My journey began Mother's Day May 13, 2018.  

This date I will never forget ... It was the catalyst for deciding "I WANT TO LIVE!" 


We had just returned from an epic European holiday and I was lucky to have survived. 

One of our destinations was Israel and we partook in some of the Stations of the Cross. 

I was so medically unfit - but determined to try.  Ended up hurting my knee and was like a cripple. 

Getting back home was hard - long - and upon an appointment with my GP - she pulled no punches! 


Morbidly Obese 

Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes 

Rheumatoid Arthritis  

Blood Pressure through the roof. 

And pain - in so much pain. 

55 years of age with short lifespan expectancy continuing this graph. 


Attended Mother's Day evening dinner with all our family and eldest son announced that they were planning a destination Wedding in Santorini, Greece April 2019. 

Was so excited for them. With the way I was it was becoming evident medically and physically I would be unable to attend. 


This was the point where I chose - I WANT TO LIVE! 


Discussions involving surgical options, diets - and for me - knew had to be a lifestyle change. Did research and this point wanted to go KETO and was supported by my dietician and physiotherapist. My Doctor was like - ok - let's see how you go!  


Was steadfast goal driven!  I HAD A WEDDING TO ATTEND! And 11 months in which my first goal .... shed 40kgs!  

During that time - my mental outlook changed.  This was MY LIFESTYLE - was working!  

My Blood Sugar Levels suddenly normal. 

My Rheumatoid Arthritis - no pain - I was in remission. 

Blood Pressure - under control. 

The food I was eating - LOVED IT!  


And I was shedding weight - becoming more active - felt truly alive and revitalized for the first time in many years. 

I made that first goal! Felt so proud being in one of the most beautiful destinations in the World at my Son's wedding and didn't feel ashamed of how I looked. 

My confidence was returning. 


Back home I continued - and over next 12 months lost another 15kg.  So 55kgs in total. 


Here I am today ... 59 years of age - passionate about life!  

My journey continues with a new Support Group I formed on Facebook. 



A place to have fun and learn about the lifestyle. 


Have also started marketing :-


GUILT FREE SYRUPS  - a Lifestyle choice 

Zero Guilt Zero Calories Zero Carbs - perfect options for diabetics.


There needs to be balance in life - Health is mental and physical but needs to be sustainable.


This is me now!   So confident and can face anything!


My motto   LIVE LOVE LAUGH - life is a journey - not just a destination! 



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